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  • Funeral cover from as little as R43 per month.
  • Cover for You + Your Spouse + 3 Children + Up to 8 Extended Family Members (cover up to 13 people on 1 plan).
  • Premium holiday, miss up to 6 premiums and still be covered.
  • Cash back benefit on certain plans.
  • Start again benefit, if your policy is cancelled it can be re-instated under certain conditions.
  • A family of 5 can get over R 50,000 cover for under R2 per person per day.
  • Valid claims are paid in just 48 hours.
  • Certain policies include a Grocery Benefit of R 3,000 as well as an Unveiling Benefit of R 2,000 and R 200 airtime to assist with making the funeral arrangements.

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Take care of Your Family

Up to 85% of peoples debt problems start with a death in the family

The cost of funerals & existing debt can put your family under finanacial pressure. You should also consider the costs expatriation if required.

Consider Taking Life Insurance

Life Insurance covers larger outstanding debts like cars and houses

Life insurance (underwritten) provides a larger payout than funeral cover (non-underwritten), Rand for Rand life insurance can often be cheaper than funeral insurance due to the underwriting requirement.

Cover extended family!

Many Funeral Policies allow you to cover extended family

If you rely on an income from more than one member of your household you may want to consider adding them too your policy as a beneficiary.